Welcome to Watercolor Academy!

In this academy, you will learn advanced techniques for using watercolors,
and trade secrets that are not taught anywhere else

Watercolor Academy Online Course

A self-study, self-paced course where you can learn how to paint in watercolor by watching video lessons and doing assignments

  • 80 video lessons on how to paint in watercolor
  • Lifetime membership to Watercolor Academy
  • Watercolor painting assignments
  • Personal support with answers to your art questions and critiques of your artworks
  • Access to the members-only newsletter
  • Your own place in the online Students' Gallery
  • Diploma of Excellence upon completing the course

$297 USD

Personal Tutoring online + Online Course

One-to-one, unlimited and custom-tailored to your skills and needs Personal Tutoring by the Watercolor Academy teachers

  • Everything that is included in the Online Course
  • Dedicated team of art tutors
  • Personal one-to-one tutoring from the academy teachers
  • Art skills assessment
  • Custom-tailored watercolor painting curriculum
  • 100 watercolor painting tasks with detailed instructions
  • Set-by-step guidance and coaching
  • Review of your progress after each task

$997 USD


The best way to learn watercolor painting

The best way to learn watercolor painting

Watercolor Academy is the fast and easy way to learn watercolor. Here, you will discover the professional ways of painting that will raise your skills to the advanced level. There are many watercolor courses, but this academy is different. Here, you will discover advanced techniques and trade secrets that are not taught anywhere else. The academy teachers will create artworks in front of your eyes while explaining everything you need to know about how to paint in watercolor the right way.

You will see the complete process of making watercolor artworks from professional artists themselves! You will start with essential information on watercolor painting materials, how to arrange the working space, color theory, and watercolor painting methods and techniques. Once you cover the basics, you will then learn how to paint various genres, like landscapes, botanical subjects, portraits, and figurative artwork using the different watercolor techniques we will teach you along the way.

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How it Works

What you will get and how it works

Watercolor Academy Online Course
  • After enrolling and setting up your account, you will immediately get full access to all 80 video lessons on how to paint in watercolor
  • As a Watercolor Academy student, you will have a lifetime membership and can study at your own pace. That means no deadlines and no time pressure!
  • You can watch the watercolor video lessons as many times as you want. They will be available for you 24/7/365
  • You can do practical assignments as suggested in the Students Handbook or work on your own creative projects
  • You can ask tutors questions and receive answers and constructive feedback on your artwork. This support is unlimited and provided for a lifetime at no extra cost
  • You can publish your artwork in the Watercolor Academy online gallery and gain exposure to website visitors and your fellow students
  • You will get regular members-only newsletters with bonuses, updates, and offers
  • You can apply for a Diploma of Excellence in your name after completing the course
Personal Tutoring online + Online Course
  • Upon enrollment, you will get everything that is included in the Online Course, plus
  • You will receive a welcome email that will walk you through getting started and what to expect
  • Your current level of art skills will be assessed and you will receive full feedback as well as a list of areas to improve
  • A bespoke art curriculum will be created for you according to your skills and needs
  • A dedicated team of art tutors will provide you one-on-one personal tutoring
  • You will receive up to 100 watercolor painting tasks, one at a time, with detailed instructions
  • Your tutors will assess your progress after every task you complete and give advice on how to improve your skills
  • Your course schedule will be very flexible to suit your free time and speed of learning
  • There will be no deadlines and no additional fees! You can study at your own pace
  • You will receive a Diploma of Excellence in your name after completing the course
Why is Watercolor Academy unique?

Why is Watercolor Academy unique?

  • Nowhere else you would get unlimited, personal, one-to-one tutoring on watercolor paining by correspondence for a very low, one-time fee.
  • The proficient watercolor techniques and trade-secrets you will learn here are not taught in art colleges.
  • Nowhere else you would get a watercolor course curriculum designed just for you, according to your skills and needs.
  • You will receive a lifetime membership, can study at your own pace, rely on unlimited personal support including artwork critiques and answers to your art questions at no extra charge.
Is Watercolor Academy for me?

Is Watercolor Academy for me?

The Watercolor Academy courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced artists.

If you are a complete beginner, this Academy will teach you everything you need to know from basics to the advanced level of of watercolor painting skills.

If you are already a skilled watercolor painter, you will find special trade-secrets that are not taught anywhere else. This will help you to elevate to a professional level.

How You Will Benefit
  • Learning about color theory and watercolor materials will help you to paint with beautiful colors
  • Discovering how to paint in chiaroscuro will help you to make even more lifelike artworks
  • Learning how paint with limited palettes of pigments will help you to refine your painting skills
  • Discovering secrets of professional painting methods and techniques will widen your range of painting abilities
  • With direct access to Watercolor Academy tutors, you will get personal support and critique of your art
  • Improve your art skills, create better pieces, attract more commissions at higher prices, and earn recognition
At Watercolor Academy, you will discover

At Watercolor Academy, you will discover:

  • The building blocks of watercolor and its place in art history
  • Choosing the right watercolor materials
  • Fundamentals of color theory
  • Rules of composition and golden proportions
  • Transferring drawings
  • Mixing pigments
  • Quick sketches and long-studies in watercolor
  • 5 different watercolor painting methods
  • 9 different painting techniques
  • Creating monochrome and two-color artworks
  • How to make full-color artworks using only three colors
  • Composing multicolored watercolor paintings
  • Creating landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes
  • Bringing botanical and animalistic artworks to life
  • Capturing still-life and pattern designs
  • Painting realistic portraits as well as figurative artworks, and much more!

Watercolor Academy tutors

Watercolor Academy tutors

In the Watercolor Academy video lessons, you will learn from four professional artists and art teachers – Vladimir London, Natalie Richy, Ilya Ibryaev and Anna Ivanova, who will share their watercolor painting secrets with you.

All tutors are full-time fine artist whose works have been showcased in numerous art exhibitions and won international art awards. Their combined art experience spans over 100 years and now you can benefit from their extensive artistic knowledge.
Support and Tutoring

Personal Support

You are not alone in your art education. As a Watercolor Academy student, you can rely on our personal support. The Academy tutors will critique your artworks, answer your questions, and advise on how to improve your art skills. This support is unlimited, and is available for a lifetime at no extra charge.

One-to-One Tutoring

As a Correspondence Course student, you will also receive a lifetime of one-to-one personal tutoring from our dedicated team of art tutors. The art curriculum will be custom-tailored to your level of skills and include up to 100 watercolor painting tasks that your academy tutors will guide you through step-by-step.

Art Community

Watercolor Academy Art Community

The Watercolor Academy is much more than just a painting course. Here, you will also become a member of a unique art community where you can exhibit your artworks, get professional opinions on your creative progress, have your art questions answered, and communicate with your fellow students and academy visitors. You will also receive a members-only Newsletter with special bonuses, news and offers.

Students Gallery

Watercolor Academy Students Gallery

As a Watercolor Academy member, you will have a unique opportunity to exhibit your works of art in the Academy's Students Gallery. It is a great way to share your art, showcase your progress, and connect with fellow students and gallery visitors. After watching the Watercolor Academy video lessons and following our personal tutoring, our students really get what it takes to paint in watercolor the professional way.

Watercolor Academy video lessons are compatible with all devices

Watercolor Academy
You can access Life Drawing Academy video lessons 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any internet-connected device.
All video lessons are streamed online, and personal support and tutoring is provided via email.
Watercolor Academy

Watercolor Academy
Diploma of Excellence

Upon completing the course, you will get a Watercolor Academy Diploma of Excellence in your name. This diploma commemorates your achievement and confirms that you have been learning from accomplished art tutors and renowned artists.

What our students say

Watercolor Academy review

"In just one month, I've learned more about painting with watercolors than in four years at an art college. I could only wish of enrolling in the Watercolor Academy earlier"
Sam P., Watercolor Academy student

Watercolor Academy review

"What I love about Watercolor Academy is that here I can get constructive critique and suggestions for improvement"
Karin Gordon, Watercolor Academy student

Watercolor Academy review

"Painting portraits has always been the most difficult thing for me. It's amazing how Watercolor Academy teachers made this topic so easy to follow"
Daniel, Watercolor Academy student

Watercolor Academy review

"I was painting for years with little progress before I took the Watercolor Correspondence Course. This was the best decision for improving my art skills!"
Pauline, Watercolor Academy student

Great value for money

When it comes to the Watercolor Academy value, consider this:

Real Value of the Online Course

  • $8,000 (80 lessons at $100 each)
  • Unlimited personal support (priceless)

You pay

  • Only $297 USD for all 80 video lessons
  • Free support and artworks critique

Correspondence Course Real Value

  • $18,000 (80 videos + 100 tasks at $100 each)
  • Unlimited personal tutoring (priceless)

You pay

  • Only $997 USD for personal 1-2-1 tutoring
  • Free support, 80 video lessons and artworks critique

One-time payment - Lifetime Online Course membership
$297 USD


One-time payment - Unlimited Personal Tutoring
$997 USD

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