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Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionYou can't escape art - Artwork and story by Mo Parkook

I think that Watercolor Academy is a great resource to learn painting techniques and become a better atist. I want to win the Watercolor Academy course to get a chance to participate and learn everything a bout watercolor that I possibly can.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionCafe in Switzerland - Watercolor and story by Clare Clark

Watercolor Academy is the great institution for artists. The reason why I want to win this competition is that I require support for my art path- art as my career.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionLiz - Watercolor and story by Nelly R. Tobón

The Watercolor Academy seems to me a unique space, which offers quality education and I have always wanted to have the opportunity to access its academic training

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionI want to learn art - Watercolor portrait and story by Ryan Jacobson

I've always enjoyed drawing and painting, especially in watercolor. I've been drawing and painting since I was a child. I quickly realized that 'Art' was what I had been yearning for all these "wasted" years, and that I needed someone to teach me. I really want to win the Watercolor Academy course!

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionMy Journey as an Artist - Watercolor and story by Károl Palma

Art is what I am called to do in life, so it is very important for me. It is a way of sharing, connecting and creating culture, and I want to do that right. I want to learn more about light and shadow, volume, nature painting and the different ways to bring an artwork to life that creates an impact. That brings challenges like being persevering, using time wisely to practice and finding resources to continue my learning process. That is why I would like to win this course, I think it is an amazing way to fill the gaps that I may have due to the lack of a consistent formation in painting. And I believe that the Watercolor Academy brings a lot of knowledge needed to perfect an artist's journey.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionAwakening at Eighty - Watercolor and story by Phil Reilly

I wake up each morning eager to start painting- I'm currently working on all of the family's pets, past and present, with satisfying results. I do most of my learning by experimentation, but would like to receive instruction on color theory, composition and brush techniques. I have viewed the free demonstration course from the Watercolor Academy and was very, very pleased with the quality of the presentation. I would like more of this type of instruction but have never been able to afford the cost

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionSide view of Taj - Artwork and story by Ronak Ahir

I think about watercolor academy that it's very suggested for watercolor because it improve our artistic skillset and growth in watercolor. I want to win the Watercolor Academy course because if I win will get to learn the watercolor medium which will make me advanced in watercolor medium.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionRoundup at Sunset - Watercolors and story by Don Sylvester

Most of my watercolor pictures are generally painted with no more than two or three colors. I like to keep pictures simple and feel the key behind the picture is the ability to draw, thus the hundreds of pencil drawings I made long before trying to paint.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionFrom engineering to fine arts and creativity - Artwork and story by Karim Aktouf

The reason I want to win the Watercolor Academy course is to learn and improve my skills in order to be able to portray, draw and paint what I clearly have in mind, especially for my long haul graphic novel.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionCharming Red - Watercolor artwork and story by Anna Ugryumowa

I've been painting all my life. Art is an integral part of my destiny. I look with admiration at nature, at how harmoniously and perfectly it is arranged. It inspires me and makes me stop to study.

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