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Every three months, we award a competition winner with the Watercolor Academy Online Course membership.

This competition is democratic. New winners are awarded on 31 May, 31 August, 30 November, and 28 February every year.
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Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Hannah Grace

I came across theWatercolor Academy Course and watched preview videos; they are very good to learn from. This course includes all the resources I'm looking for in one place that will help me in improving my watercolor skills.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Vandita Bansal

I want to win the Watercolour Academy course so that I can become a very good watercolour artist. I feel the academy can help me to get to the next step.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Antonio

Winning the Watercolor Academy course would allow me to learn properly the technique that I find so hard to control right now, and also to learn to mix colors properly to achieve the color I want, which seems extremely hard to me right now.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork and story by Johanne

What started as a hobby has now turned into a passion to create beauty through art! What inspires me are people, their stories, their passions, and how I can tell stories through my art! Painting is very meditative and friends and family know how important painting has been to me in terms of my mental health.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artworks and story from Aya

I really want to become a watercolor master, that's why I want to win. I want a challenge and I want to learn educated methods for tackling art projects.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork by Cyril

I love to dabble & doddle, sketch in watercolour and other medium as well. I work more on portraits, figurative & would like to take my work to the next level.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork by Claudia Weslowski

Watercolor artwork by Claudia Weslowski. I have been practicing drawing and watercolor for two years. I recently enrolled in the Life Drawing Academy to improve my drawing skills. I want to learn drawing to be able to implement my creative ideas.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionI am fanatical about art

Hi, my name is Anya Mishalova. I am a self-taught artist who is trying with all his might to make art his main profession and seizes on any opportunities with which I can improve the quality of my painting and drawing. I am fanatical about art and try to bring my skills closer to those artists who were lucky enough to get a professional education.

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