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Every three months, we award a competition winner with the Watercolor Academy Online Course membership.

This competition is democratic. New winners are awarded on 31 May, 31 August, 30 November, and 28 February every year.
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Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionTelling stories with a single image - Artwork and story by Telagio Baptista

The Watercolor Academy expresses and provides the necessary formula of growth to crawl, walk and run with their outstanding programs. This is immeasurable in terms of one's personal growth. This would be the cat's meow to be on board to expand my artistic journey. I want to win the Watercolor Academy course, which would allow me to grow and enrich my realistic storytelling images. To move to the next level of hyper-realism.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionI go to my dream - Artworks and story by Tatsyana Harbachova

The Watercolor Academy already teaches me many techniques of painting with paints - I carefully look through the available pages. I want to continue to improve in watercolor painting and I look forward to your help!

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionLet nature be your school - Watercolor artwork and story by Laura

The Watercolor Academy seems like a beautiful space full of learning opportunities where you can not only learn from the teachers but also from the students who share their progress and experiences. I would like to win this contest to learn more about the artistic elements and techniques that allow me to improve and grow as an artist to produce more art, more paintings, more sensitive and with messages about the links we establish with the living beings in our environment.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork and story by Sarah Stiles - Transition

Without a formal background in art, I feel somewhat at a disadvantage when sitting down in front of a blank page. However, based on student testimonies on the website, I am confident that the Watercolor Academy could provide the foundation I need to take my art to a whole new level. I believe I have the dedication and 'restless curiosity' and described in the featured students' video.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionColors for Life - Watercolor artwork and story by Aline Mac Cord

Watercolor Academy represents an opportunity to extend and excell my art skills, as well as an opportunity to meet a community of international artists who think like me. That is very important to any artist with broader goals. I ask you to vote for me because I am, first of all, a humble human being of a big heart and I want to share it with my art.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionAttempts in watercolor - Watercolor artwork and story by Cindy Delory

I want to learn different techniques about watercolor to improve my drawings. I would like to win the Watercolor Academy course because I am a beginner and I need lessons.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork and story by Sasha Wilson

I'm a self taught artist. I need to start from the very beginning of drawing for it all to come into place. Being self taught, I gravitate to draw images that I like only, in doing this I'm not developing proper skills needed. I would sketch and draw subject matter that would give me strength to survive and keep my mind off things.I would love to learn how to draw and paint like the old masters! That is why I would like to win the Watercolor Academy course.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionThe Stone Mill Pond - Watercolor artwork and story by Dean Eisen

I paint daily and am basically self taught. A couple times a year I do a challenge where I complete on small painting a day for 30 days. To win a scholarship to the Watercolor Academy would be a dream come true. I am a senior citizen with limited income and cannot afford the tuition fee.

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