Watercolor Academy News

Watercolor Academy News

Our Vision, Purpose and Mission

We believe that art portrays the meaning and beauty of life

We created the Watercolor Academy to promote genuine artistic values, classical painting techniques and the rich heritage of traditional fine art. In Watercolor Academy, we teach traditional, time-honored watercolor painting techniques. We show how to create realistic, vibrant, and skillful watercolors. We encourage to seek inspiration in the cultural traditions of the Great Masters, nature, and life.

Learning Painting and Drawing Online

Finishing Steps in Watercolor Painting

Light perspective in Watercolor

Aerial Perspective in Watercolor

Linear Perspective in Watercolor

Going Beyond Traditional Watercolor Painting Techniques

Retouching Watercolor Painting Technique

Scumbling Watercolor Painting Technique

Stippling Watercolor Painting Technique

Wash-and-Outline Watercolor Painting Technique

Pen-and-Wash Watercolor Painting Technique

Alla Prima Watercolor Painting Technique

Drawing with Clean Water Watercolor Painting Technique

Grisaille with Glazing in Color Watercolor Painting Technique

Grisaille Watercolor Painting Technique

Dry-brush Watercolor Painting Technique

Wet-on-Dry Watercolor Painting Technique

Wet-into-Wet Watercolor Painting Technique

Glazing in Watercolor Painting Technique

Wiping Out and Washing Out in Watercolor Painting

Variegated Wash in Watercolor Painting

Granulated Wash in Watercolor Painting

Gradated Wash in Watercolor Painting

Plain Wash in Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Painting Methods and Techniques

Preserving White in Watercolor Painting

Tonal Values in Watercolor

Color Theory - Contrasts of Colors

Color Theory in Watercolor Painting

Outlines and Contour Drawing for Watercolor Painting

Painting on Wet Un-stretched Paper

Using Commercial Stretchers for Stretching Watercolor Paper

Stapling Watercolor Paper to the Board or Stretchers

Gluing Watercolor Paper with Paper Tape

Preparing Supports for Watercolor Painting

Arranging a Working Space for Watercolor Painting

Other Materials for Watercolor Painting

Art Materials - Watercolor Mediums

Art Materials - Watercolor Paints

Art Materials - Watercolor Brushes

Art Materials - Watercolor Paper

What Makes Good Watercolor Artwork?

The Place of Watercolor in the History of Arts

What is Watercolor?

To learn how to paint in watercolor, enroll now

Watercolor Academy Online Course

A self-study, self-paced course where you can learn how to paint in watercolor by watching video lessons and doing assignments

  • Unlimited access to 80 watercolor painting video lessons
  • Lifetime membership without deadlines
  • Unlimited support from the Academy tutors
  • Constructive critique of your artworks
  • Member access to the Academy's Art community
  • Place in the Academy's Students Gallery
  • Exclusive members-only newsletter and bonuses
  • Watercolor Academy Diploma of Excellence in your name

One-time payment - Lifetime membership
$297 USD

Personal Tutoring online + Online Course

One-to-one, unlimited and custom-tailored to your skills and needs Personal Tutoring by the Watercolor Academy teachers

  • Everything in Online Course, plus:
  • Dedicated team of art tutors
  • Assessment of your current level of art skills
  • Personalized curriculum tailored to your skills and goals
  • Up to 100 art tasks with by-task assessment
  • Unlimited one-to-one personal coaching with detailed per-task instructions and feedback
  • Artwork critiques and results-oriented guidance

One-time payment - Lifetime membership
$997 USD

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