Learning Painting and Drawing Online

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Learning Painting and Drawing Online

Learning Painting and Drawing Online - Article by Vladimir London, Watercolor Academy tutorA good painting is well drawn. If you feel that your drawing skills need to be improved, you can check the Drawing Academy

Drawing Academy is a very comprehensive course, yet friendly for beginners.

In this course, you will learn how to draw anything you see, think or imagine. It is based on the fundamental knowledge of constructive drawing principles, the rules of linear and aerial perspective, the rules of composition, golden proportions, traditional techniques of rendering tonal values, human body anatomy and proportions, knowledge of various drawing materials and techniques, and much more

Learning Painting and Drawing Online - Article by Vladimir London, Watercolor Academy tutorIf your goal is to become a good figure artist and be able to draw realistic figures and portraits from life and imagination, you must know human anatomy. Learning anatomy might feel like a daunting task but with the Anatomy Master Class it is much easier than you think.

This course was created for artists like you who want to learn anatomy for artists fast and be able to portray people with the necessary knowledge about what shapes a human body. This course is unique: it was created in a way that is very easy to learn. In fact, you don't have to memorize the hundreds of bones and muscles, the intricacy of the joints and the muscle insertions. The course presents only the facts and information that are essential to an artist. All body parts are referred to by their common names, so you don't have to learn difficult Latin terms.

Learning Painting and Drawing Online - Article by Vladimir London, Watercolor Academy tutorA knowledge of anatomy and constructive drawing will be very helpful if you want to portray people. How to draw realistic portraits and human figures is fully explained and demonstrated in the Life Drawing Academy. This online academy offers two courses: Life Drawing Academy Online Course and Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course.

The Online Course is a self-taught, self-paced course where you will have a lifetime access to 52 video lessons on how to draw portraits and figures from life, memory and imagination. This course also comes with the personal support from the Academy tutors, which includes your artworks critiqued, answers to your art questions, and advice on how to improve your art skills.

The Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course is the ultimate choice if you would like to receive personal art tutoring which is custom tailored to your skills and needs. This is as good as having personal art teachers who will teach you proficient drawing skills on a one-to-one basis, covering all aspects of drawing skills and demonstrating by their own example how to draw the professional way. This course comes with up to 100 drawing tasks that are specifically designed to develop your current level of drawing skill to an advanced level.

To see how Life Drawing Academy courses will help you elevate your skills to the next level, visit https://LifeDrawing.Academy

Learning Painting and Drawing Online - Article by Vladimir London, Watercolor Academy tutorIf your ambition is to paint in oil, the Old Masters Academy will help you to discover the traditional painting techniques that were used by the great masters.

In this Academy, you will learn how to paint like the Old Masters using modern materials by watching the step-by-step process of oil painting, from imprimatura and the under-drawing to dead layers, color layers and finishing glazings. The course tutor, Natalie Richy, will show you how multi-layer artworks are created from a clean canvas to the varnished painting.

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A self-study, self-paced course where you can learn how to paint in watercolor by watching video lessons and doing assignments

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One-to-one, unlimited and custom-tailored to your skills and needs Personal Tutoring by the Watercolor Academy teachers

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  • Assessment of your current level of art skills
  • Personalized curriculum tailored to your skills and goals
  • Up to 100 art tasks with by-task assessment
  • Unlimited one-to-one personal coaching with detailed per-task instructions and feedback
  • Artwork critiques and results-oriented guidance

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