Artworks by Ruth Chu - Watercolor Academy student

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Story and artworks from Ruth Chu, Watercolor Academy student

Artworks by Ruth Chu - Watercolor Academy student

My name is CHU, Chih-Hua, I like painting since my childhood. I was born in Taiwan where my parents went from China after the Second World War.

I got a master degree of Chinese literature in Taiwan. After many years later, I had a chance to study painting and got another master degree of art education. It was the time when I was very excited and prepared for doing my best to get the needed skills and knowledge about the old masters' art. However, things turned not he way I expected; it was a big tradegy in my life. I choose a topic to research which was Leonardo DaVinci, but the teacher in charge of my research was into Marcel Duchamp, so, finally, realizing that I've found the wrong teacher, I quit my study and quit the school to look for another way to answer so many questions I had about Leonardo Da Vinci. I want to learn traditional realistic art; that's why I enrolled the Watercolor Academy course.

I took several online art courses such as Drawing Academy, Life Drawing Academy, Anatomy Master Class and Watercolor Academy. I am very happy with these courses as I learned a lot about drawing and painting. I like those four courses very much, they gave me many inspirations for art. I will take another course - Old Masters Academy after I finish my current art courses.

I really enjoy the Watercolor Academy video lessons, especially how they teach the color theory, vividly and in detail. I am very excited to use so many colors to express my feelings.

I took part in many art competitions and received many awards. I paint from my heart.

I would recommend this Watercolor Academy course to other artists. I have many friends; like me, they want to improve their painting skills and I advise them to consider the courses mentioned above. I am very happy that my art teachers come from a country with strong traditions of classical and and high standards of art education. I have so much to learn from them.

Thank you for all your help and educational materials!

Best regards,

Ruth CHU

Artworks by Ruth Chu - Watercolor Academy student
Artworks by Ruth Chu - Watercolor Academy student
Artworks by Ruth Chu - Watercolor Academy student

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