Watercolor Academy review by Sam P.

Watercolor Academy

Watercolor Academy review by Sam P., Academy student

In just one month, I've learned more about painting with watercolors than in four years at an art college. I could only wish of enrolling in the Watercolor Academy earlier.

Watercolor Academy review by Sam P., Academy student

I came to America through marriage, and my husband purchased this watercolor course for me. I first tried to paint with watercolors when I was 12 years old. Soon I gave it up and only when I was 40, I decided to come back to painting. I've been attending various art classes for several years now. I go to a college; its art department prepares students and helps them to get their portfolios done. Although I like this college, I felt that I was not getting as much tutoring as needed to become a professional artist. This made me to take the Watercolor Academy course.

I'm still afraid of drawing and consider it more difficult than painting. Sometimes beautiful colors may cover up drawing shortcomings, but I know that without good drawing skills I would not be able to fully express myself in painting.

When my drawing abilities fail me I resort to tracing. I am quite good at it but I would rather drop this habit and learn true skills of drawing from life. I'm considering taking the Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course.

I don't have any portrait or figure drawing experience and this academy seems to cover this topic in depth. I tried figure drawing class at the college but did not learn much there. Having the same tutors in the Drawing Correspondence Course, makes me confident than I will learn much more at Life Drawing Academy than at the College. I'm saving now to take the drawing course. If that course is as half as good as the watercolor one, it would be the best educational experience I could wish for.

Sam P.

Reply from Vladimir London, art tutor

Dear Sam,

Thank you for your kind words and positive feedback on the Watercolor Academy tutoring.

Regarding your comment about the Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course: "If that course is as half as good as the watercolor one", you will be pleasantly surprised with its quality. Today, this is probably one of best personal tutoring drawing courses you can get by correspondence. The value you will receive in this course, extends far beyond any other art college could ever provide. If you find any better deal, let us know.

I'm not saying these words to praise this academy; you are welcome to make your opinion by considering the following.

There are many art schools that teach some erroneous approaches like learning drawing by copying photos and reference images. This is the sure way to get into the "copying trap," which is the main hazard of original art today. The more you copy, the less you will be bale to draw from life, memory and imagination. I see that your ambition is to "drop" copying images and learn how to draw from life; this is the right way to excel in art.

It would take you at least 4 years to get to the advanced level of drawing skills. It might be that 4 years is optimistic, but if you work hard, it is doable with our coaching.

There are other online academies that offer personal tutoring, but the most intensive tutoring they give is way inferior to what is provided in the Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course. The tutoring by such academies is given on a weekly basis. Our tutoring is unlimited; you can communicate with us daily or several times per day if you need to. There are no limits whatsoever.

Talking of prices, another online academy will cost you:
4 years x 12 months x $949 pcm = $45,552

Life Drawing Academy:
One-time payment for lifetime tutoring - only $997

Here's the link to enroll:
Life Drawing Academy Correspondence Course

Let me know if you have any questions, I will be happy to help.

Kind regards,

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