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How it works:

Every three months, we award a competition winner with the Watercolor Academy Online Course membership.

  1. To enter this competition, submit your artwork and story below on this page.
  2. You will be notified via email when your competition page is published.
  3. Share your competition page to attract visitors who will vote for you.
  4. Should you win the course, we will email you your login details.
  5. Competition results are updated on this page: Watercolor Academy Art Competition Winners

Winners are awarded on: 31 May, 31 August, 30 November, and 28 February every year. The next winner may be you!

How to win:

This competition is democratic because winners are voted for by public. To win, simply share your competition page with everyone you know, and invite them to visit your page and vote for you by clicking the social networks buttons on your page.

Watercolor Academy Art Competition FAQ:

Is it a Juried Competition?

This competition is democratic. Any jury, however "unbiased," would have to make their decision based on the participant's entry. This, by definition, would make such a decision biased.

Remember, the prize is not a trophy; it is a scholarship. Should we award the best artist, it would be unfair because such a winner is already an advanced painter and would take a place of someone, who really needs to learn painting techniques. Should we award an artist with weak skills, this competition would quickly turn into "my artwork is uglier that yours" content. Should we award a membership according to the participant's story, it would turn into "my life is tougher than yours" competition. We don't want to play favorites and therefore let public decide who wins.

Why this competition is democratic?

A selected group of people, jury might not reflect true opinions of all people. There is only one way to make this competition democratic - let people decide who wins. We do not influence voting, and use third-party widgets to count votes. The Watercolor Academy team technically cannot interfere with this process. The voting counters are external and independent software. They count how many Facebook shares and Pins every participant has. Those with the highest numbers, win.

How my friends can vote for me?

Ask your friends and followers to visit your competition page and click the social network buttons. Social shares counts as votes. A participant with the highest number of votes wins the Watercolor Academy Online Course.

I don't have many friends; how can I win?

If someone really wants to win, one will find the way to attract voters. What would you do to tell the World you need help? Can you talk to people and ask for a favor? If people like you and your art, we don not see any reason why they won't vote for you.

My friend had voted, but the counter still shows the same number

The total number of votes is updated daily. To see todays votes, check your page tomorrow.

How often someone wins?

The Watercolor Academy Online Course is awarded every three months. The competition results are announced on 31 May, 31 August, 30 November, and 28 February every year. You can check previous winners here.

How many entries can I submit?

You can submit as many as you want, but with every additional entry, you will decrease your chances of winning. It is better to attract potential voters to a single page than "spread thinly" with multiple pages.

Is there any other way to nominate winners?

Yes, to run a raffle. We don't want to do that because the process would not be transparent nor fair. If you know any better ways, let us know.

As a winner, will I get the same service as paid members?

Yes, you will get the full, lifetime Watercolor Academy Online Course membership and exactly the same service as all paid members have. This service includes all video lessons and bonuses, your artworks critique and personal support at no extra charge.

As a winner, can I upgrade to the Correspondence Course?

Yes, you can upgrade your membership to the Correspondence Course at any time. This is exactly the same opportunity as other members have.

Tell your story and publish your artwork to enter the competition

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