A Dream comes True after a long wait!

Story and artwork from Selearah Starre

A Dream comes True after a long wait!

I was not encouraged to develop my creativity in drawing or paint in my childhood and was constantly discouraged to be creative as a waste of time. My first painting using left over house paints was created when I was about 7 years old as I felt a strong urge to express myself, I created a vase with flowers on a scrap masonite. After my beloved pet Trixie died from poisoning, I completed my second painting of her with house paints at age 14. I was inspired by my high school art lesson. Many years went by when at age 28, I decided to attend classes with a local artist once a week to learn the basics when I could afford it. A few months later, I was divorced with a 2yr old son and left the town. Eight years later on the move, I again had another strong urge to express myself and attended a weekly local art group for about 6 months, entering a few exhibitions in the region. I believed I could never be an artist as I did not draw as a child, so my creativity was fleeting on/off throughout my life.

I feel now that my calling is to be an artist, always has been as a young child, I just did not believe in myself when I had little experience, even though I seem to have a knack for colour and dimensions. As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be a portrait artist.

I was medically retired at 55, now I am 59 and unable to work with PTSD. What I have watched and read so far, is inspiring as it is so professionally organised, user-friendly and easy to understand the knowledge and exercise.

Watercolour is a much safer medium for me to use with my life-threatening allergies. In my life, I have only created 4 paintings in watercolour and would LOVE to have the opportunity to learn how to actually use them properly. Other mediums are used with caution as I can only use them at times when my health is stronger. I am even allergic to antihistamines.

I would be privileged to study with Watercolor Academy. I always wanted to learn classical art theory and techniques and your academy teaches what I want to learn. I have worked hard this last year to improve my health and believe it is now time for me to devote myself to my art. I always wanted to take my art seriously, now is my time even though I am a mature aged retired student.

It is definitely not too late to develop a thorough knowledge of time honoured art theory and skills. I hope my story inspires other older people who wanted to be artists to take your courses as it is never too late to study a life-long passion. I have waited my life to study with the best information and an appropriate courses. I believe having a safer medium to use will encourage me not to be afraid of having allergic reactions as watercolour is the ideal safe medium for me and easier to clean up with.

Further, I have attached my recently started instagram page instagram.com/starrevisions/ with the paintings I have created since 2017-2019, 2021.

A Dream comes True after a long wait!
A Dream comes True after a long wait!
A Dream comes True after a long wait!

Thank you very much, I always wanted to be a portrait artist, with the great training from your academy, I feel I will be finally.

Many blessings

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