I am fanatical about art

Story and artwork from Anya Mishalova

I am fanatical about art

Hi, my name is Anya Mishalova and I am a self-taught artist. My artwork in pencil is called Eve and the Tempting Serpent.

Art occupies a dominant place in my life. I really want to make art my main income. A couple of years ago, I even went to work at a local art store, starting out as the lowest-paid sales assistant profession, but I was so close to art materials and learned a lot.

I devote all my free time to drawing and painting, I even started a blog, with the help of which I try to inspire others to draw and paint and at the same time teach myself in the process.

My artworks combine the vision of Old Masters with a modern look. Inspired by the works of the late and high Renaissance, my characters are usually depicted in smooth pleasant poses, with aesthetic curves of the arms and body.

As a self-taught artist, I believe that the artist should not push himself into the framework of academic art, but he should not deny it just as he should not forget what our ancestors taught us.

Through my art, I want to convey not only the beauty and grace of the process of creating a work of art but also the now forgotten and degraded desire to work hard.

I would like to study as many materials as possible in order to understand which ones are right for me and which ones are more comfortable for me to work with. Thanks to the Old Masters Academy painting course, I have a new look at oil paints and safely use the acquired skills in my new paintings.

I have known about the Watercolor Academy course for about five years after I acquired the Old Masters Academy course. I was looking forward to when the Watercolor Course will also be available and finally waited for this moment, which is very happy. I am a big fan of classical drawing and painting, so this course is very companionable for me.

I am a self-taught artist who is trying with all his might to make art his main profession and seizes on any opportunities with which I can improve the quality of my painting and drawing. I am fanatical about art and try to bring my skills closer to those artists who were lucky enough to get a professional education.

Vote for me if you like my work and want to support me on my creative path. Trust me, I will not disappoint you!

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