I want to draw the classical way

Story and artwork from Ali Hisham

I want to draw the classical way

My name is Ali Hisham.

I'm a painter in oil and drawing portraits in the classical way. I was very interested in drawing and painting since I was 5 years old and always was searching for information about art techniques and inventing new art techniques by myself. I live my life with a very beautiful adventure with art every single I was discover something in drawing like taking proportions of a picture or mixing colors. I was not like others peoples who wanted to study art if they just learned a little then they stopped to learn and involve but I was very hangry for technique and knowledge about drawing. My goal is to be like artist that they are famous all around the world.

What place does art take in my life? It takes from my soul deep in my heart and it will be all the time.

What is my artistic challenges? Evolve upward and make painting more realistic and romantic.

What do I want to learn in art? Drawing and painting in academic way like old masters especially painting landscape and seascape. And drawing portrait in realistic way by using charcoal and pencil.

What do I think about Watercolor Academy course? I think it will be great to learn watercolor in academic way that is dream of most of painters especially me every time I said I wish to learn portrait by using watercolors it will be more challenging and fun.

And the reason why people vote to me is because of I learned drawing by my self and no one taught me how to draw I tired myself so much to teach myself to draw all this because of my love to ART. The second is their opinions of my painting.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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