Charles Gilliam: A Student of the Arts

Story and artwork from Charles Gilliam

Charles Gilliam: A Student of the Arts
Mountain Pass

My name is Charles Gilliam. I am a student of the arts.

Art with all of it's varieties has been my life for a very long time. I was raised by very supportive parents who recognized my love for drawing and painting. I have pursued that line of work my whole life.

I grew up the son of a career serviceman and was able to see many parts of the American continent. Moving around all those years and since I left home has given me an opportunity to see so much of the beauty found here, and that has given me inspiration for subjects to draw and paint. I painted years in gouache and watercolor before I discovered color pencils. I painted with that medium for a long time, but three years ago I rediscovered watercolor.

I am striving to better myself as a watercolorist, studying under an accomplished watercolorist, plus studying other watercolorists through videos and writings. I am excited by this medium as I struggle to learn all the complexities of the medium, the brushes available for watercolor and the types of papers available. I very much want to continue to grow as a watercolorist. To hone my skills and grow in the medium.

Having been aware of the Academy for some years now I believe that the Watercolor Academy course would help my to grow in the medium of watercolor. By winning this competition I would be able to reach for that star that shines before me. I would very much hope that when people see the painting I have submitted they will see someone who works hard to execute a painting in watercolor and who they believe would be benefited by the course that the Watercolor Academy offers. It is my desire to learn and grow as an artist in my pursuit of my dream.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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