I Want to Become a Watercolor Painter

Story and artwork from John D.

I Want to Become a Watercolor Painter

I'm trying to become an independent artist with skills that enable me to express whatever I envision in my head. I want to become a watercolor painter to find my own voice in art and be able to express my inner world fully without the obstacles of lacking skills. I want to learn how to properly imagine the subject, being able to understand the fundamentals of watercolor painting. I am not working, so I have as much time as I want to put into watercolor. I usually spend a couple of hours every morning painting in watercolor. The subject matter that I enjoy the most to paint are people, horses and still life. I like still life because I can paint it from life. Although I started painting in watercolor in my middle age, I still want to be a fine artist someday.I want to achieve an advanced level of painting skills to create multi figure scenes some day.

Being able to draw and paint from life as well as convey my emotions and feelings will be a great thing to achieve. I would like to learn how to create impressive watercolor artworks and therefore I need your help to win the Watercolor Academy course. I would like to learn watercolor painting techniques that are presented in this video course. I would really, really love to get over my fear and frustration at not getting my watercolor works as accurate and realistic as I want. After conquering that, I want to become one of the very best watercolor painters and finally get some true enjoyment out of the work instead of struggling with the medium. I'm hoping to win this course and master watercolor art. I want to see how far I can go when I have proper coaching and when I apply myself. Also, I want to prove to myself and to others, who say that it is too late for me and I can't achieve anything. Maybe its funny but I so much want to create beautiful pictures. To become an original fine artist. I experienced a lot of resistance writing that. It just feels too grandiose. But that's my dream. Please help me to achieve it.

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