Roses in Vase - Watercolor

Watercolor artwork and story by Kimberley Koonce

Watercolor artwork and story by Kimberley Koonce

I am primarily a self-taught artist who started first with oil, but more recently moved to pastel and pen and ink. These have served me well because the prep time is minimal, allowing me to complete works in a setting or at least pick up where I left off. I find that I am happiest when I'm creating, submersed in a project, and I spend a lot of my days sketching, drawing, playing with new supplies, and watching how-to videos. I'm always seeking to improve my skills.

I've been following the Watercolor Academy since I discovered it when searching for content to teach myself this medium. I have not found any other online source that even comes close to teaching the ways and methods to achieve the results that I have been looking for. When I receive their emails, I always catch myself admiring the students' work and progress and find myself thinking how much I would love to see the same powerful transformation in my work! I imagine myself benefitting from how to effectively mix colors, how to use the medium to create depth instead of flat images, how to retain the transparency of the medium, and ultimately paint beautiful and eye-catching works of art. I believe winning this course will give me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn methods that align with what I envision for my own art. I have a goal to be a professional artist, but I know that I need assistance to help with mastering watercolor, and I want it to come from excellent instruction that is very apparent with the Watercolor Academy. Of the unique offerings that I feel will be especially helpful are the critiques and personal support coming from someone who is already a master. As I continue to strengthen my drawing skills, I feel learning from the Academy's instruction for watercolor provides me with the best opportunity for reaching my dream.

I believe people should vote for me because I take this opportunity seriously. I will actively apply the video lessons and not be idle. I will also follow the direction provided in the critiques. I am self-disciplined and will consider it a privilege to be a student in this course.

Thank you for offering this competition.


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