Watercolors and story by Glenda Sherman

Story and portraits by Glenda Sherman

Watercolors and story by Glenda Sherman

My name is Glenda Sherman, I'm 72 years old. I took up watercolor painting two years ago. I thought it would be great to create cards for friends and family. After finding various utube artists to work with So that I could create something worth while, I found I really loved the artistic outlet in watercolor.

I have been following various people online and finally found one that took me up several levels. I still love painting with her but find I'd like to know more about other styles out there that will take me to new levels and areas like land and city scapes. Also I recently tried my hand at portraits. I'm attaching my first two portrait attempts of my great grandchildren, Xenia 5 and Zed days old. I find a desire to improve more in this area too. What a great gift for family members and so very satisfying for me.

Art and music have been the loves of my life and both fell by the wayside because of work and family. I now find a lot more time to invest in learning about watercolor in particular. It is so unique from oils and acrylics in that the light areas really have to be preserved along the way. I had worked with oils for a short time decades ago. I followed Bob Ross basically at that time. I'm sad that I let painting slide back then. But I'm hoping to make up for that now. It gives me great pleasure when it all comes together to create a painting or card that wows with the color palette and skill sets that compel a feeling while looking at whichever subject.

I was thrilled to see a new course, Watercolor Academy. I do make sure now to have the quality pigments and paper because it's impossible to create anything wonderful or learn the process. I've accumulated some good brushes for various techniques.

I would appreciate consideration for this scholarship. Please give me some consideration for your vote.

Thank you so much.

Glenda Sherman

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