Watercolor artwork and story by Olga A.

A Passion one lost is found again!

Watercolor artwork and story by Olga A., Watercolor Academy art competition particiapnt

When I was a child I really loved drawing, and I could've drawn all day. Most of all I loved to draw beautiful princesses and to copy the cute postcards drawn by famous Russian illustrators. I had a collection of beautiful postcards and on each holiday I drew a few of them to give to people I loved. Christmas and New Year postcards were my favorite. There was some magic in them. In particular I was inspired by some amazing art/illustrations drawn by Vladimir Zarubin. Probably every person from the Soviet Union (as it was at the time) had at least once in their life, held in their hands one of his beautiful postcards.

However, my parents had a different opinion about my passion for Art, they thought that Art was just for fun and I needed to be more serious, to get a good education and well paid job in the future. They told me that I was not going to be a famous Artist anyway, so better just give up my drawing and start to be more serious. Eventually I gave up drawing and started to focus more on "serious" subjects such as Chemistry and Biology. My passion for Art had been suppressed and in time forgotten.

Since then continued to study and be interested in Psychology, Spirituality, Biology, Esoteric, Philosophy, became a Yoga teacher and even worked as a Journalist. Despite all these wonderful things, I still felt that something was missing.

Years later, living in beautiful New Zealand as a married mother of three daughters I arranged an Art Teacher for my children. During one such Art Lesson I had a compulsive desire to sit and try drawing with them. However, I was busy with my new born baby and my rational mind kept telling me that I don't need to waste my time on such unimportant things like art. However, one time when my little one was asleep and with encouragement from my daughter's Art Teacher I decided to try drawing. She gave me a drawing board, acrylic paints and brushes and I started to draw a cute picture from a famous Russian children's book "Masha and the Bear". I really loved doing so and it re-awakened the magic and passion I had felt for Art as a child. This is where it all (re)started.

The lockdown gave me the excuse and provided the opportunity to start drawing again, my heart was singing and I never stopped since then! The process of drawing fascinates me so much, and I understand that this is exactly what I was looking for a long time. I had come full circle back to what I had originally loved as a child. I no longer had any doubts, and I now wish to spend every opportunity I have continuing my art journey.

After trying different materials, styles etc my heart was quickly sold to watercolor. At the moment I really love to draw portraits of women, because I feel that it is an expression of beauty, love and tenderness in the world. Every painting is a reflection of my thoughts and feelings that I experience during the time period of creation. I use a specific aesthetic for my portraits which derives from my fascination with the beauty in every woman. A primary feature in my art is color. I love the beauty and magic of vibrantly colorful art.

The biggest Artistic challenge I have is lack of opportunity to study art with the great and experienced teachers. I am watching some videos on youtube, but I don't feel that it is enough.

Learning more about Watercolor techniques and the use of Colors is what I am currently focused on and this is how I came across the Watercolor Academy Course and watched some of their videos on youtube. I was impressed with how professional and clear their explanations are. So when I saw the opportunity to study in a Watercolor course, it definitely caught my attention. I believe that this course will likely be very beneficial for improving my skills and knowledge.

I am not sure if I can will win the Watercolor Academy course, but I'd very much appreciate your vote as winning this would assist me in continuing my childhood dream, will allow me to become a better watercolor artist, and hopefully to inspire people with my art and to see the smile on their faces.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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