Passion for Arts

Watercolour and story by Daniel Loh

passion for arts - Watercolour and story by Daniel Loh

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In 2016, I left the corporate world to become a Stay-at-home parent. This lifestyle shift enabled me to slow down, find joy and appreciating life's little details and moments. Inspired by my family and at the same time hoping to inspire them through a passion for arts and never stop learning attitude, my artistic journey continues as I continue to learn and experience life. At this stage, art has taken a new meaning and continues to fulfil my time and space. However, there are challenges not being a full time artist or having a continued tutelage and learning programme. I would definitely like to improve on my brush techniques and work to better my understanding and use of colors and values.

I hope that by winning this Watercolor Academy course, I will be able to pursue my interest further.

My artwork

As an avid fan of Disney and Lego, I have chosen to celebrate the extraordinary Friendship and camaraderie that exists between the 2 Main Figures in this painting.

In the first movie where Buzz Lightyear first came in a box, I have Woody sitting confined within his dormant "house". As opposed to his usual loud character, he finds solace in the subtle outstretch hand of the Buzz Lightyear figure. In life, there are times when we feel uncertain, all we need is a simple gesture of concern from a friend, family or sometimes maybe even a passing stranger.

Adopting a Still life approach, I have meticulously positioned the subjects, two of my Lego Alarm clock collection pieces. Woody, still confined within his packaging, symbolizes the constraints that we so often encounter in life. Placed atop a carefully arranged stack of books, with each character occupying a different elevation, lending depth and visual interest to the composition.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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