I want to learn art

Watercolor portrait and story by Ryan Jacobson

I want to learn art - Watercolor portrait and story by Ryan Jacobson

I've always enjoyed drawing and painting, especially in watercolor. I've been drawing and painting since I was a child. It was incredibly stressful when I graduated from high school and began working, and I was beginning to feel under pressure. I started drawing again in my leisure time to take my mind off work, but I quickly discovered that whatever "talent" I had previously, I no longer possessed. But I truly want to pursue art and create meaningful work that is not just visually attractive but also truthful, so I want to study everything there is to know about watercolor painting from the ground up because I've never had any formal watercolor art education, so my foundations were never strong to begin with.

I battled my entire life to figure out what I truly wanted to achieve. As I started a new direction, I always acted on instinct and ended up with a feeling that only the word "delusion" can describe. I gave up and began to concentrate solely on visual art. It's interesting how my thoughts shifted after that. I began to see things I had previously missed, my viewpoint shifted, and I was able to recall what I enjoyed doing as a youngster. I remembered myself painting and sketching cartoons that I liked viewing. As a result, I attempted sketching again. Yet, I did not want to repeat the same mistake, so I examined my feelings rather than acting on impulses, which led me to philosophy as a self-help technique. Days after days, I continued to take a brush and every time I felt I needed to do something more, as I was scared by my abilities, I began to look for courses. By watching others, I realized that I could truly express myself through a work of art; the only problem was that I didn't know how to accomplish it properly. I quickly realized that 'Art' was what I had been yearning for all these "wasted" years, and that I needed someone to teach me. I realized that my misperception had been caused by my incapacity to 'express myself' all these years. It's a disgrace that I haven't kept sketching my entire life. That may have been because of unfavorable circumstances in my late childhood and early adolescence that took away all of my enjoyment from it.

I attended several online classes in watercolor and drawing and watched videos on YouTube, but the lessons I took weren't really professional. I later discovered the Watercolor Academy website. I picked up all of my knowledge online, and now I want you to teach me how to paint and draw so that I may work as a professional artist. I really want to win the Watercolor Academy course!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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