Fine Art by Orit Dagan

Fine Art by Orit Dagan

I always felt a calling to make art, since I can remember myself. My family didn't give me much feedback and all I got from my mother was how things were supposed to be drawn. Nevertheless, this didn't stop me. I did every color by number and coloring books, as well as sketched on my own. As an older girl, when I babysat, I took my notebook and drew things I saw in the homes with just a pencil.

My father once did some work on a house and brought me a sketchbook, charcoal and lots of pens and pencils that he found in the attic. Many of the pens, pencils and markers were dried out and went straight to the trash. He also brought me some "how to" books on drawing all kinds of subjects. I would sit for hours and sketch and draw away, finding my own techniques to control the medium and produce the images in black and white.

I yearned for color but the only paints I got were acrylic that dried too fast. One day, in my later teens, my parents offered me lessons and I eagerly jumped at the opportunity. I learned to paint in oils. My works were photorealistic but I didn't yet bring my own self to the canvases.

I continued to paint on my own and then learned from a master of art and craftsmanship, who I married. I learned to trust myself and not be afraid of different mediums. During our years together, I learned a lot from him - design, pens, markers, all kinds of paints, etc. I painted on tee shirts that sold for $100 each. When we parted, I took a lot of knowledge with me from that union.

One source of frustration and challenge was watercolors. They never stayed where I put them. I tentatively began by playing it "safe" with aquarelle pencils, which were also a new medium for me. I watched a lot of videos online and gathered the courage to leap into watercolors. I also had trouble with sketch paper warping and I learned about different paper weights and the best for watercolor results.

I work in a different field to earn my living but buy the best supplies that I can afford, whenever I can (which, unfortunately, is not too often.) I tell everyone that I am an artist, first and foremost and that everything else comes after that. Creating art gives me the most satisfaction and I derive much pleasure from seeing my granddaughters do art.

Watercolor Academy is great for all artist levels and mediums. I would love to win the Watercolor Academy course because I couldn't afford it, otherwise. I always strive to learn and grow.

This painting is a small victory of both, water paints and painting a diaphanous vase. I would love to learn and develop more in this world.

I need your votes, since I couldn't afford a course otherwise. Thank you

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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