The World Through Art

Artwork and story by Saleh Abazaid

The World Through Art - Artwork and story by Saleh Abazaid

My name is Saleh Abazaid, I am an academic art student and I love classical and modern art. I have many local and international engagements and I aspire to become an artist with a high status in art and deliver my artistic message to spread peace and love all over he world through art.

Art is the life and heartbeat of the heart and the soul for me, it takes most of my time to research, learn and experiment. I can't get enough of it and I have a hunger for more learning and I complete the learning series with art. I have completed learning with pencil, wood colors and oil colors and I aspire to learn with watercolor. Therefore, I would like to participate in this competition to win the watercolor painting award from the best academy from which I learned classical painting and oil painting.

Despite the difficulties we face from the lack of art academies with a strong curriculum. High study costs and geographical remoteness, these obstacles limit the quality of our learning.

I choose the Arabian horse because: a thoroughbred Arabian horse has a sharp memory, especially for the places it passes or people who come into contact with it. In battles, he remembers the direction from which he came, even if he is seriously injured. He walks on his way back to his booth no matter how far from him he is, and also understands, knows the signals from his rider and responds to them.

"The Arabian horse is one of the smartest horses of all time," says Brown, whose remarkable qualities are: memory, broad chest and gentleness. It makes him the most worthy and suitable creature to serve man, and his ability to perform other mental functions elevates him to the rank of a friend. Who deserves all the attention and care. And native Arabian horses have the trait of loyalty to their owners, especially those who raise them themselves. So the horse is one of the animals that is very loyal to its owner, and does not leave its rider if he falls from it.

From the Watercolor Academy I learned to use the techniques of painting and the methods of great masters of painting. So you were creative in drawing an Arabian horse for its moral and ethical beauty, I hope you like it.

If you like it, please vote for me to support me by winning the prize to continue my career by learning watercolor techniques.


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