Cherries of Change

Watercolour and story by Neva Coce

Cherries of Change - Watercolour and story by Neva Coce

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I'm a medical doctor with a passion for art. For me, art is more than just a hobby; it's a powerful way to express my inner thoughts and emotions, which I often find hard to put into words.

My art lets me blend science with creativity, pushing the limits of my imagination.

A big challenge for me as an artist is to stay true to my unique style, in a world where fitting in is often valued more than being different. It's a journey that takes courage and commitment to develop my own visual language that people can recognize as mine.

I really want to master watercolor painting. My goal is to convey my ideas and maintain the personal touch that sets my artwork apart. I'm excited to learn how to use the fluidity and unpredictability of watercolors to express myself better.

Joining the Watercolor Academy would be a huge step in improving my skills. I dream of turning the emotions I feel into a beautiful display of watercolor shades, giving viewers a real sense of my personal experience.

Winning the Watercolor Academy course would be a significant milestone in my artistic journey. It would give me a chance to grow as an artist and share the happiness art brings with others. I want to inspire people to find joy and comfort in creating their own art.

I'm asking for your vote because it means more than just liking my current work. Your support encourages me to continue transforming everyday life into something extraordinary, telling stories, and bringing emotions to life with each stroke of my brush.

Here's one of my paintings, "Cherries." It shows how I find beauty and excitement in simple things like fruit. This painting is a reminder to appreciate the small, often unnoticed details in life.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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