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Watercolor Academy Art Competition - Winter 2022

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Audrey Katherine

Watercolor Academy is the right place for me to learn, because they are referring to old masters and theories that I didn't get from my university study. I also love the idea of learning watercolor online so I could get the education I need anytime and anywhere since going to a watercolor academy or atelier overseas could cost so much. I also love how watercolor academy tutors are truly professional artists. I would love to have their insights and approach in watercolor.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Lobo ben Levi

I am glad that I have found Watercolor Academy, and it is very interesting; there are many high quality videos and articles that are very helpful.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor and story by Richard Smith

I have so much to learn and the Watercolor Academy will help get me there. Please help by voting for my painting.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionMy sunny side - Story and artwork from Sarah J. Nasir

I am interested in learning various techniques in watercolors from all over the world and feel that the Watercolor Academy can help me further excel in watercolor applications.when it come to watercolors there is just so much to learn.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork and story by Jennifer Ault

Watercolor Academy is an excellent idea for studying watercolour as a complete painting course providing a thorough grounding in this compelling medium. I would feel so happy to win as I know it would give me the opportunity to share what I learn with my own students.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork by Praharshita

There is a common phrase in the academic world: "Writing is thinking". I find that "Painting is seeing". Without acknowledging the elements of reality in their abstract forms, it is harder to recognise a phenomena and then study it.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork and story by Johanne Caron

My goal for 2022 is to focus on developing detail and depth in my water colour paintings and winning the Watercolor Academy will help me get there.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Dahlia Osama

I have known the Watercolor Academy for a long time. I have watched all of the videos and I've always wanted to study at Watercolor Academy because it gives me the opportunity to learn more than what isn't taught in art colleges these days. And is one of the few places to get the best out of watercolor.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Asmi Basak

I found this website Watercolor Academy very useful indeed in terms of the techniques they teach and am very eager on winning this competition as it would provide me the opportunity to learn even more from there full course

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Joceline G

I try my best to fill my time with art so that I can create anything I want out of my head. But like any other skills, you'd need a mentor. That's where the Watercolor Academy comes in.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Olga A.

Learning more about Watercolor techniques and the use of Colors is what I am currently focused on and this is how I came across the Watercolor Academy Course and watched some of their videos on youtube. I was impressed with how professional and clear their explanations are. So when I saw the opportunity to study in a Watercolor course, it definitely caught my attention. I believe that this course will likely be very beneficial for improving my skills and knowledge.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Zora Poznic Polh

As I am still on a learning curve I think this Watercolor Academy course would help me tremendously to get better and improve my drawing as well as watercolor panting ability.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Lianna

I'd love to learn more about painting and improve my artistic skills with Watercolor Academy painting course

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artworks and story from Paul Landgraf

I've wanted to work in watercolor for quite some time. I've dabbled "for lack of better word".

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork and story by Susan

I left school and stopped drawing in pursuit of a paying career, but after health issues left my career plans in ruins I began to draw again. And as a result, I decided I would attempt to make a career of it. I don't believe my skills are on a professional level quite yet, But with the help of courses like Watercolor Academy, I believe I can make it, and achieve a career I am proud and passionate about.

Watercolor Academy Art Competition - Autumn 2021

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Tulin

Winning the Watercolor Academy course would be a great opportunity to become a professional artist, who can draw realistically and inspiring others with my story. Yet i still have a lot to develop, and that's what I'm willing to do.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Tony Polyck

I have been following Watercolor Academy for awhile for useful tips and find it very sophisticated and helpful.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionArtwork and story by Matteo Plini

I think that Watercolor Academy is a wonderful way to study. I'd love to be able to study this amazing medium.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Farzaneh

It would be a pleasure to be connected with art professionals through Watercolor Academy.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Virginia Pennell

The watercolor world had enriched my life beyond my wildest dreams. It has made me a more interesting person and one who "sees" our world through a different light. I see the colors of life! I have grown personally and outwardly. Painting has brought me joy, friends I would have never met and a growth beyond painting.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Michael-Anthony Rene Chavez

As I continue to pursue my artwork following the directs of an academic /constructive approach I continue to challenge myself to grow through anatomy, color study, and learning from the old masters. I am pursuing realistic portraiture/ figure drawing and have learned quite a bit from Vladmir London's Anatomy Master Class which peaked my interest when I saw he was releasing a Watercolor Academy course. I originally started with watercolors but stopped in order to better my understanding of drawing and color.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory from Cosmina David

After one year of free self-taught tutorials, I'm aware that I need a serious course and a tutor to guide me if I want a professional level. The Watercolor Academy is the solution that I'm looking for.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork and story by Jayati Sengupta

I came across Watercolor Academy and realised that courses like these would suit me, as I can incorporate it into my own busy schedule according to my time availability.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork and story by Ali Hisham

I'm a painter in oil and drawing portraits in the classical way. I was very interested in drawing and painting since I was 5 years old and always was searching for information about art techniques

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Selearah Starre

I would be privileged to study with Watercolor Academy. I always wanted to learn classical art theory and techniques and your academy teaches what I want to learn. I have worked hard this last year to improve my health and believe it is now time for me to devote myself to my art. I always wanted to take my art seriously, now is my time even though I am a mature aged retired student.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Patrick O'Connell

I have come to believe that if you say I know it all you know nothing so if I say I know nothing I will never stop learning. I know what and how I want a painting to look but it never reaches my expectations. My challenges in art is to learn the skills to produce what I want, when I want and believe this will take the rest of my life. Another challenge is to never give up the dream of producing art that will move people for generations to come. To never think I don't have a long way to go.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Hannah Grace

I came across theWatercolor Academy Course and watched preview videos; they are very good to learn from. This course includes all the resources I'm looking for in one place that will help me in improving my watercolor skills.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Vandita Bansal

I want to win the Watercolour Academy course so that I can become a very good watercolour artist. I feel the academy can help me to get to the next step.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionStory and artwork from Antonio

Winning the Watercolor Academy course would allow me to learn properly the technique that I find so hard to control right now, and also to learn to mix colors properly to achieve the color I want, which seems extremely hard to me right now.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork and story by Johanne

What started as a hobby has now turned into a passion to create beauty through art! What inspires me are people, their stories, their passions, and how I can tell stories through my art! Painting is very meditative and friends and family know how important painting has been to me in terms of my mental health.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artworks and story from Aya

I really want to become a watercolor master, that's why I want to win. I want a challenge and I want to learn educated methods for tackling art projects.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork by Cyril

I love to dabble & doddle, sketch in watercolour and other medium as well. I work more on portraits, figurative & would like to take my work to the next level.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor artwork by Claudia Weslowski

Watercolor artwork by Claudia Weslowski. I have been practicing drawing and watercolor for two years. I recently enrolled in the Life Drawing Academy to improve my drawing skills. I want to learn drawing to be able to implement my creative ideas.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionI am fanatical about art

Hi, my name is Anya Mishalova. I am a self-taught artist who is trying with all his might to make art his main profession and seizes on any opportunities with which I can improve the quality of my painting and drawing. I am fanatical about art and try to bring my skills closer to those artists who were lucky enough to get a professional education.

Watercolor Academy Art Competition - Summer 2021

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionA Love of Watercolor After 50

I think Watercolor Academy's online video courses are an excellent option. I stumbled upon Watercolor Academy on the Internet by chance, fell in love with it and immediately knew it was a great platform. I see myself as a rising artist, I think that if I win, I will complete my deficiencies with the education I will receive and become a professional watercolor artist in all aspects.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionHummingbird in Flight

My style is somewhat loose and what I want to develop in my work is to be more detailed, and have a better focus on composition. As well, I gravitate toward florals and really want to expand my repertoire into portraiture, landscapes, street scenes, nature, etc. I love the Drawing Academy and was a recipient of the course competition in February, 2020 just as the pandemic hit and it has helped me immensely technically and now I am hoping the same for the Watercolor Academy!

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionI would love to learn how to make watercolours

I quite like the idea that the Watercolor Academy is giving away a free course. It would be absolutely incredible if I could win because I've never been apart of a course on something I've always had a passion for, not to mention I could say that I've been to an actual art academy (yay for bragging!) But it would actually mean the whole world to me if I actually won. I know that it is very unlikely and I have more chance of getting struck by lightning twice, but a girl can dream. I really hope I do win so I have a bit of a chance of being good at at a medium that isn't pencils.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionArles 2015

I have two art memberships - Drawing Academy and Anatomy Master Class, which I'm very happy with. These art courses are very professional. I therefore really want to access the watercolor course, I will definitely buy it sometime. I hope that those people who are interested in realistic art will notice my image and vote for it.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionMagic Soglio

Painting has always existed in my life. As a child I was very introverted and my friends were pencils and a bunch of papers. I would love to learn how to use watercolors to be able to paint the incredible landscapes of the Engadine.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionSmile

I always wanted to take an art class or any drawing course but was not able to take one but I always kept practicing on my own. I spend a lot of time everyday watching and learning online drawing tutorials on YouTube, reading blogs post and many other things that would help me improve my drawing yet I still have a lot to learn and develop.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionI want to be an artist

I want to be an artist, so I have to learn till the end of my life. People say that aquarelle is an easy medium but I think it is tricky. It would be great to learn all the tips, tricks and techniques to create beautiful paintings.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionInnocence

Story and artwork from Pradeep. I instantly fell in love with the watercolor medium. Watercolor painting has certain magic to it that I could never really feel in other types of painting. While it's not easy to control, nor easy to get the outcome that I desired, the complexity of this medium actually inspired me to practice and learn as much as I can.

Watercolor Academy Art CompetitionWatercolor Backgrounds

Hi, I'm Lidija and I use watercolors a little bit different than usual, but that was my limitation of knowing the medium. I just didn't really know it in depth. I want to learn the new skill so I would like to participate in this competition.

Watercolor Still LifeWatercolor Still Life

Hi, I'm Ed. I used to paint and draw as a kid, but then my life took its turn and I'm working as a manager now. Painting to me is the way to tell what I feel and share my thoughts. When I make watercolor sketches, all my worries go away as if I'm living in another reality. This is the way for me to escape all troubles and negative thoughts.

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